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One Way Ministries strives to create both the right atmosphere and the right opportunity to support leaders of organizations committed to serving Jesus Christ and building His Kingdom.

OWM Investor’s Report 2013
OWM Investor’s Report 2013
4 Friends EVERY Pastor Needs
4 Friends EVERY Pastor Needs
3 Bold Moves that Spark New Passion
3 Bold Moves that Spark New Passion

Our Vision

Facilitating intimate communities for leadership health


In dependence on God and through our connections, partnerships and initiatives, we will invest deeply into the lives of Kingdom leaders across Canada.

We will be a personal ministry, knowing the names and circumstances of the leaders we engage with. Our staff will be in touch when life takes a nasty turn or to cheer them on in their successes. They will be our friends and partners in ministry.

We will seek to facilitate safe places. We’ll be the type of people and ministry that most leaders will be able to open up to and trust very quickly. They’ll share with us and the communities we help shape, some of their most intimate thoughts, experiences, hopes, struggles and dreams.

These leaders will be moving towards intimacy with the Lord. Their prayer lives will be deep and multi-dimensional. The love of the Lord will overflow from their lives.

The leaders whose lives we touch will experience health and wholeness. We’ll help them grow in emotional health. They’ll experience better marriages and relationships. Their marriages will be a pointer to the relationship that Christ has with the church and the oneness in the Godhead.

They’ll be better equipped to deal with conflict when it comes their way. Our leaders will take care of themselves well, eating healthy and exercising regularly. They’ll also have experienced healing from the past. They will have learned how to close the door to the enemy who may have had access to parts of their life.

We will encourage these leaders to live generously, managing their personal finances properly and avoiding all consumer debt.

These Kingdom leaders will better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. They’ll be developing their talents and organizing around their weaknesses. Their calling will be clear along with their place and role.

Our leaders will have deep friendships. These men and women will value friendships and will lean on each other from time to time. They will have intimate communities to journey with – some of their friends might be completely different from them. They’ll go to bat for each other, looking out and caring for each other as life happens.

These leaders will be seeking unity in the body of Christ. They’ll learn to appreciate those different expressions of Christianity and will actively partner with others in their work for the Lord.

These Kingdom leaders’ lives will overflow in compassion for the widow, orphan and the poor. They will be passionate about connecting with pre-Christians. The organizations that they are associated with will share these concerns and will be seeing spiritual growth and new birth.

In all this, our team will seek to be an example, leading the way and experiencing health and wholeness ourselves. Sharing our story and lives with these leaders will help them have a clearer knowledge of God and a better grasp of God’s perspective of life and purpose.

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