OWM Annual Report

We’re excited to share with you our Annual Report for 2017.
So many exciting events and reports to read about.

Click thru for some of our highlights from our family of ministries
(Love-Pray-Link-Yield-Lift Ottawa) that have taken place throughout the year.


Reaching the City by Serving the Leaders



One Way Ministries strives to serve the leaders of Ottawa to impact the city.

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We Serve



One Way Ministries strives to create both the right atmosphere and the right opportunity to support leaders of organizations committed to serving Jesus Christ and building His Kingdom.



our initiatives

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Lift Ottawa

Yield Ottawa

Love Ottawa

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Our Story

From the early beginnings in 1996, the team at One Way Ministries has walked alongside pastors and marketplace leaders, talking together, and listening carefully to what they had to say. Those initial discussions led to the development of a unique full-time ministry that seeks to advance the gospel by investing in the lives of Kingdom leaders.