2 Journeys

One Way Ministries fulfills this mission by inviting our leaders on two different journeys.


Journey Inward


The first is a Journey Inward to intimacy with Jesus, leadership health and friendships by creating safe spaces where leaders gather. Our desire is to strengthen the foundations from which people lead. In these safe spaces we help by:

  • Deepening their intimacy with Jesus.
  • Encouraging connections and friendships with other leaders, inviting honest conversations.
  • Celebrate who they are and their unique role in the Kingdom of God.
  • Presenting ways to discern, refine and live out their calling.
  • Promoting God’s principles for healthy marriages, bodies, relationships and minds.

In order to facilitate this journey Inward, we offer three brands:

link-ottawa   Yield Ottawa     Lift Ottawa

Journey Outward


The second journey is Journey Outward by bringing leaders together to love our neighbours in Jesus’ name. We invite leaders to prayerful, collaborative outreach in every sphere and every neighbourhood of our city by:

  • Supporting collaborative city-wide missional activity.
  • Informing and inspiring the Christian community by communicating Kingdom Activity.
  • Convening pastors’ groups to foster friendship, prayer and missional activity.
  • Drawing together prayer leaders for regular fellowship and encouragement.
  • Training and deploying believers to more effectively pray for the city.

We do this under two brands:

Love Ottawa     Prayer Ottawa

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