Mark Peterkins

Executive Director

Message from Executive Director

Another year has passed and we have so much to be thankful for: lives changed, encouraged and poured into. Thank you to all who have partnered with us and our teams. I especially want to thank our volunteers, prayer partners and financial contributors.

We are firmly convinced that the Lord is at work in Ottawa. Over and over again, we see signs of His handiwork. Our out-of-town guests frequently share that they see something unusual going on in our city. Friendships, co-operation, missional outreach and prayer are often mentioned.

As an example of the cross-city, cross-denominational spirit that is enjoyed here in Ottawa, allow me to share my experience in an Alpha group this fall.

In September, my wife Tracy and I joined an Alpha group. This evangelistic film series is outstanding. We’ve had an absolute ball with the group as we’ve become friends with people who would not yet say they are Christ followers. Gathering together has become the highlight of the week for all of us. How did this come about? Well…. our local church decided to host two Alpha groups this fall because they were encouraged to by the Capital Region Alpha team. And how did this team come to exist? Through friendships and financial investment from many across the city. About two years ago, our friends at Alpha Canada approached us to try and bring a team together who could raise some advertising funds and encourage more churches to host Alpha this fall. Because of pre-existing relationships in our leadership community, we saw a great team form fairly quickly. They fundraised and hosted events to train and promote the use of Alpha in Ottawa in the fall of 2017. Our Alpha group was a direct result of work of this team.

“I have been incredibly inspired and blessed to serve alongside the CRA [Capital Region Alpha] team as they have more-than exemplified Alpha values – by working together in unity, motivated by a deep desire to introduce Ottawa to Jesus. It’s been so exciting to hear incredible stories of transformation coming in from churches across the city!”

Ryan Moffat – Ontario Alpha Regional Director

Watching as national and local leaders have worked with one another to serve the local church and see many come to Jesus has been beautiful to see. By the way, the number of Alpha groups in Ottawa doubled this fall to 112 and plans to bring Alpha into high schools is just about to start.

At One Way Ministries, our call has been to walk closely and intimately with our leadership community and, at the same time, encourage them to work prayerfully and co-operatively in their area of passion to bring The City to Jesus and Jesus to the City.

The report that follows highlights some of the things our family of ministries (Love-Pray-Link-Yield-Lift Ottawa) has been actively working on in the last year. We hope you will be inspired.

As we look ahead to serving leaders in 2018, I invite you to partner with us in prayer, time, talent and treasure.

“I’m so grateful for the Love Ottawa team because they humbly serve our city in effective and Christ-honouring ways. I am continually amazed at the scope of their engagement, and the ways that God is using Love Ottawa to proclaim and demonstrate His love and grace across the National Capital Region. As a pastor of a church seeking to elevate Christ and His Kingdom in our congregation and our city, I am so thankful for Love Ottawa’s presence and passion to bring the Body of Christ together in unity for the sake of the Gospel. It is an absolute joy to partner with Love Ottawa so that many people can experience the flourishing life found in Jesus Christ.”

Ryan Dawson, Lead Pastor – Sequoia Church

Love Ottawa serves local churches in the NCR by helping connect pastors and leaders in missional partnerships to fulfill their particular part – their God-sized dream — in reaching out to our neighbours with God’s love.

“Thank you for last night. What an uplifting evening. Hearing, seeing and speaking with other prayer ministry leaders has been such a joy and encouragement. It felt like God was in the room…. so loving, joyful and safe. Thanks for creating the time to experience Him again.”
Janice Sadler, Prayer Leader, after the Prayer Leaders Round Table

Pray Ottawa serves the local church by supporting and equipping prayer leaders. We seek to raise the level of prayer for the city – for the efforts, challenges and well-being of the people who live here.

“It is joyous to know that there is a strong, professional and gifted team of Godly people having the backs of pastors and their families by the things you do. Your positive influence in our community is deeply felt and appreciated.”
Bryan Williams, Emmanuel Apostolic Church after the Pastors’ Appreciation Evening

Link Ottawa facilitates safe spaces where ministers, pastors and ministry leaders gather to strengthen their intimacy with Jesus, grow friendships with other leaders, live out their Kingdom call and strengthen the other foundations from which they lead – healthy marriages, bodies, relationships and minds.

“If I was to introduce somebody to Yield, I’d say be aware that it’s not just about learning how to do business better, or learning how to do business God’s way, but it’s learning about how to do business from the heart. And that surprised me.”
David VanNoppen, More than Enough

“Thank you for helping me begin the process of thinking deeply about what is truly important to me in the next season of my life”.
Halftime Workshop Participant

Yield Ottawa provides environments where workplace leaders gather to pursue God’s purposes for their lives and workplace ministry. We are a trusted advisor with a large network and are able to make important connections and introductions for business leaders.

I went to an event about 15 years ago and connected with other ministry wives. It gave me a sense of belonging and a community because I was feeling ungrounded. I had a young baby and was in a new role that I was not sure of. Hearing other women share their stories was really lovely and was a lifeline for me. 

The last two years, I have been in an evening study. In them, I have been taken out of my comfort zone and have been encouraged to get out of the boat to face what I have been avoiding.

I feel very blessed to be in these studies and hope you continue offering them.
Mary Catherine Bowers, Married to a Minister

Lift Ottawa facilitates safe spaces where women married to ministers & ministry leaders gather to be intimate with Jesus, celebrate who they are and their unique role in the Kingdom of God, invite honest conversations & friendships and encourage healthy Christ-centered marriages.

Projected Financials 2018

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Looking Ahead to 2018

Along with the other things we continue to do, here are a few fresh initiatives we are looking forward to in 2018:

  • Hosting “CAPITALYZE”, a city-reaching summit for Ottawa and other Canadian cities.
  • More engagement around City On Our Knees prayer initiative in early January.
  • Hosting a Halftime Roundtable series.
  • Launching a new Yield Entrepreneurs group.
  • Recruiting and launching Together Group #5.
  • Expanding The Code, a youth at risk mentoring program.
  • Creating a new city-reaching track for 18-35 year olds.