5 Brands

Lift Ottawa

We recognize that the Christian woman married to the Christian man in full-time ministry have unique roles and responsibilities in their lives. Lift Ottawa facilitates safe spaces where women married to ministers & ministry leaders gather to:

  • Strengthen their intimacy with Jesus.
  • Celebrate who they are and their unique role in the Kingdom of God.
  • Invite honest conversations & friendships.
  • Encourage healthy Christ centered marriages.

Yield Ottawa

The marketplace has also been called the Extended Church, which exists out in the world every day of the week. Most members of the One Way Ministries Team have honed their skills in the marketplace, and many are bi-vocational, working part-time with OWM. We have developed programs and activities specifically designed to help people who are called to work in business, administration, government or other industry achieve their full potential. We seek to serve you, and to connect your ministry, your love for Christ, with the workplace where God has placed you Yield Ottawa strives to provide safe spaces where workplace leaders gather to pursue God’s purpose for their lives and workplace ministry. We facilitate their journey by:

  • Strengthening their intimacy with Jesus.
  • Encouraging connections and friendships with other workplace leaders.
  • Presenting ways to discern, refine and live out their calling.
  • Promoting God’s principles for healthy marriages, bodies, relationships and minds.

Love Ottawa

In the late spring of 2012, the existing Mission O team decided to initiate some major changes with the hope of moving the city-reaching effort in Ottawa to new heights. After consulting with many of the former Mission Ottawa leaders, who had been involved over the last 14 years, they approached One Way Ministries with the proposal to merge Mission O into our larger work and take advantage of our support system and leadership. In the Fall of 2012, Love Ottawa was launched. Love Ottawa seeks to be a catalyst for prayerful, collaborative outreach in every sphere and every neighbourhood of our city by:

  • Providing resources and training events for missional engagement.
  • Engaging in research in local neighbourhoods to enable congregations and community groups to work together.
  • Supporting (Offering our brand for) collaborative city-wide missional activity.
  • Informing and inspiring the Christian community by communicating Kingdom Activity
  • Convene pastors’ groups to foster friendship, prayer and missional activity.

Pray Ottawa

Under Love Ottawa there is another segment called Pray Ottawa

  • Drawing together prayer leaders for regular fellowship and encouragement.
  • Providing weekly city-wide “Prayer Points” to all the congregations of the city.
  • Organizing and assisting prayer rallies for leaders and congregations.
  • Training and deploying believers to more effectively pray for the city.

More information about Love Ottawa and Pray Ottawa can be found at www.loveottawa.ca and www.prayottawa.ca

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