One Way Ministries 2016 Year-End Report

One Way Ministries 2016 Year-End Report

Dear Friends

As we enter into our 21st year of ministry in Ottawa, I wanted to take a few moments to share our highlights from 2016 with you and some of the things we are looking forward to next year.

First of all, let me start by saying how encouraged we are as we look back on 2016.  We see evidence of the Lord at work across our city in many different ways.  In addition, I continue to say that our team at One Way is one of the best I’ve worked with.  We pray well together, work hard and have our share of fun.

Our Year in Review

There were many highlights from 2016, some include the following:

  • Quiet Pools – Quiet Pools encourages, equips and facilitates contemplative opportunities for women to encounter God through spiritual disciplines, scriptural practices and godly habits of the heart.  Terry Long and her team are significantly connecting with hundreds of women (many leaders) across the city – I hear about positive experiences over and over again.  Please click here for more information. 
  • Lift Ottawa Studies – these are Bible studies offered to women who are married to pastors or ministry leaders.  I get a bird’s eye view of the deep engagement and joy that these women are experiencing with each other.  Last year we hosted four groups.
  • City on Our Knees – launched last January, Sarah Jackson has hit on something that had a great start.  Simple but profound as she encourages churches to find a creative way to start their year in prayer.  Click here for more information.
  • Love Ottawa Teams – The Big Give, Friends for Dinner, Dig and Delve and The Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast all have active teams that host ministry events that reach out to our city.  Each of the teams seem to be having a positive impact by helping the church of Ottawa work together to reach out in Jesus name.  A couple of them are active in new cities this year. Click here for a list of our active teams.
  • Pastor’s and Leader’s Prayer Retreat – last winter we helped host over 100 pastors and spouses for a retreat with Larry Green.  We looking forward to another great retreat in March this year. Watch for details in the New Year.
  • Spur Ottawa – Amazing that Craig Macartney and his team of writers have been able to post two stories every week for the last year.  The vision of this online magazine is to stir up interest and passion for outreach to our city.  Please click here if you’re not already signed up to receive these stories each week. 
  • The Church Planting Cadre – This is a team led by pastors of at least six different churches, which runs a two-year program for church planters.  They graduated a class last June and continue to work with and support a year-two class. 
  • Weekly Prayer Focus – Arlene continues to select one leadership couple each week that our team prays for and sends a card signed by our whole team.
  • Yield Entrepreneur – many of the young business leaders in this group of 10 say this has been a significant experience for them and their spouses.  We are getting some helpful feedback about how to improve this in the future.  We love tracking with creative people who want to make a difference for Christ in the marketplace.
  • together Group – Tracy and I have a lovely group of 12 who have bonded so well.  We’ll miss them as they wrap up their 18-month experience in January 2017.
  • Welcome Baskets – we have probably delivered more of these in the last 12 months than we ever have.  We now have local businesses partnering with us by providing a number of items in the baskets.  Equator Coffee is an example of this.
  • Band of Brothers (BoB), Hearts of Beauty, Souly Business (SB) – Hearts of Beauty had its first gathering this spring – attendance was over the top – very positive feedback.  BoB and SB both added a second retreat this year and both continue to be sold out.  We are so encouraged to see these weekend events over subscribed. Here are their websites for more information: Hearts of BeautyBand of Brothers, Souly Busniess
  • Movement Day in NYC – this was a very encouraging conference for a number of Ottawa leaders.  It was a great chance for us to connect and get stirred up.  I personally found it really helped fire my vision for a city gospel movement here in Ottawa.
  • I could go on and on.

 Big Rocks for 2017

 Much of our ministry is ongoing; I won’t mention all of them.  But, here are some of the bigger rocks that I think are important and worth noting:

 20 Years!!  We are working towards a 20-year celebration and fund-raising event on February 16th.   Watch for details to come.

  • We hope to see our Alpha team raise $160K for advertising around the city as part of a campaign to invite the city to Alpha in 2017.  They are starting off with a $50K gift that was part of a larger gift to Alpha for the Ontario region.  The idea is that they plan to use this budget for advertising around the city, encouraging people to attend an Alpha course.
  • We’d like to help host a National City Gospel Movement conference.  Richard Long organized one of these a number of years ago and we feel it might be time to do it again.  It would help our local leaders continue to grow a vision for Ottawa and help other cities’ teams too.
  • Data Project – I’ve been in contact with a leader from Toronto who is interested in trying to provide real data to churches across the country.  He comes out of the financial products environment where data was very important.  He has heard how the church in Ottawa is relationally connected and would like to pilot a data project here.  This dovetails with our prayer on this front.  We often get asked about how the church in our city is doing and we don’t have any real basis to answer that question.  More details to follow as we see a team form.
  • We are planning on hosting another Pastors’ Appreciation Event this year on May 2nd.  Carson Pue will be our speaker.  Location is the Aviation Museum.  Should be a great time again.  We are hoping to have more than 250 pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses join us and gather together for a wonderful evening. 
  • The Code – This is our newest Love Ottawa team.  It’s a partnership with Promise Keepers and the vision of the team is training and deploying mentors who might connect and support youth (many who are fatherless) at risk in Ottawa.  Pastor Joseph Kiirya leads this team.   We are very excited about the long-term possibilities of this work.  Click here to find out more. 
  • We are feeling more and more inclined to continue to find ways to connect, support and encourage our younger leaders (18-34 year olds) in the city.  Please be praying for us on this front.

 We are so grateful to those of you who support us in prayer and with financial gifts.  I hope you can see that your investments are bearing fruit.

 Please consider us as you are making any year-end donations.  As a ministry we depend on financial partners and simply would not exist without them.

 You can choose our general fund or one of our projects or staff members who raise their own financial support. 

 May the Lord bless you as you abide in Him in 2017.

Mark Peterkins
Executive Director


Financial Support and One Way Ministries

One Way Ministries relies on funding and donations from committed individuals who believe in the vision of walking together for greater impact.

We have several One Way Ministries team members that raise their financial support – Doug Sprunt (Link Ottawa), Richard Long (Love Ottawa) and Sarah Jackson (Pray Ottawa), and we also raise funds for our General Operating Fund for One Way Ministries and Love Ottawa. One time gifts are welcome. You can also donate to one of our Love Ottawa team efforts through the options given below.

There are several giving options:

1. Call the One Way Ministries office at 613-225-0210 to arrange an immediate donation via your credit card or to set up a monthly contribution by automatic withdrawal.


2. To donate online, click the Canada Helps button to the right. It will bring you to the One Way Ministries page, where you can specify General fund, “Love Ottawa” or one of our other teams. You make the selection of where to apply the gift under “Apply your donation…”, and there is a drop down menu of our teams. You can also leave a message with more information. On the page, there are thumbnail pictures of our teams.


3. Cheques should be made out to “One Way Ministries.” Please make a separate note specifying General Fund or the intended project (such as the support of Richard Long, Sarah Jackson, Doug Sprunt or one of our Love Ottawa teams.)
Mail to 89 Auriga Dr., Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7Z2.

Tax receipts will be issued at the end of the year.

Thank you for your faithful support of One Way Ministries!


The Big Give 2016

What an amazing day! Saturday, June 4, 2016!

One Way Ministries and Love Ottawa were privileged to be a part of this great ministry to the city of Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. The Lord blessed us with perfect weather…it couldn’t have been better. Personally, I was so honoured to be on the planning committee to see the enthusiastic team, coming from several different denominations, work together showing God’s love to our communities.

That Saturday, we ended up with 66 churches participating…14 more than 2015! A 25% increase! Praise the Lord!

It was such a joy to travel around to several of the churches in the city to see how everyone had caught the spirit of The Big Give – to give with no strings attached – and to see the people flooding in to find those items that they need to help them furnish their homes, cloth themselves or their children, find fun toys or to enjoy a great BBQ. We’ve heard so many stories of people who are new to Canada and had nothing. To be given the chance to find some essential needs and for it all to be free!!!!, they couldn’t believe the generosity shown by churches of our region!

Big Give – choir

My personal highlight was arriving at a school where four churches (three different denominations) co-hosted their Big Give event. What a wonderful feeling it was to see this happening. Plus, to top it off, we were thoroughly entertained by this very talented choir made up of people from the four churches! Awesome!

Also very exciting are the reports coming in from volunteers who participated in their churches’ event. Here are some of the great things we heard…

  • “…a bunch of my volunteers, in the category of “never did anything like this before” are talking about next year!!”
  • “(our church)’s participation in The Big Give was fabulous. We gave away over 100 bagged lunches in Lowertown and we blessed people in Laundromats by paying for their laundry…”
  • “I had the opportunity to volunteer yesterday and it was an amazing thing. A big thank-you to you and the organizing team as well as the leaders on the ground and other volunteers. I enjoyed it thoroughly and hope to be part of it next year.”

We are so looking forward to June 3, 2017, while celebrating Canada’s 150 Birthday, praying that many more churches will see the great benefits to being involved in this unbelievable experience. Not just in Ottawa, but also in many others cities and communities.

Click here to learn more about The Big Give.

The Power of a Song

The Power of a Song

On Friday, October 17, 2015, a friend and I attended a luncheon sponsored by Metropolitan Bible Church and One Way Ministries. We had the wonderful privilege of listening to Keith Getty, a composer and musician from the United Kingdom and the co-author of the beloved hymn In Christ Alone, speak about the importance of having hymns that are “for life.” We were deeply touched by his insights. A colleague expressed his regret that the event had not been more widely promoted. Given this, I was requested to briefly summarize some of what Keith shared.

Getty spoke about how many people live lives of quiet desperation and need truth in the words that they sing. Describing music as being important for building up the next generation, Getty explained that the average Christian knows less today about the Scriptures and Bible stories than the average secularist in the 50’s. Therefore, he said, it is very important that truth and the narratives of our Christian faith are taught and conveyed in the songs that we sing. In Philippians, Colossians, and Ephesians there are beautiful hymns that teach faith. Over centuries of history, many of songwriters wrote hymns to crystallize what they believed in.

Do you ever wonder why our young people tend to be shallow in their understanding of Christian truths? How is the next generation going to believe in Christ if they do not know and understand the basic tenets of their faith?  Getty was emphatic as he shared that our youth need songs that will carry them through life; helping them to understand their faith through the songs that they sing.

There are over 300 commands in the Scriptures to sing. Getty noted “To not sing in church is disobedience”. Even the pastor should be seen passionately singing – modelling for their congregation. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament give instruction to God’s people that they are to sing in every circumstance. The Church leadership was encouraged to ensure that the songs in our services are ones that are exciting and passionate, have beautiful words, are based on sound doctrine and theology and have melodies that are appealing and compelling.

Too often in our services today, the songs are about what God can do for me today and are very narcissistic. Narcissism is at a unique high in our culture and has affected us even in the church. We need to make sure that the songs that are sung are ones that count and have meaning. We live in a world where many are very self-indulgent in nature: where music is often observed and not participated in. Therefore, our people need to be able to engage in songs that have words of high quality, content and meaning.

I thought the most important quote that Keith Getty said to the worship leaders and pastors of our community was “No matter whether you sing hymns or contemporary songs, make sure your people have a collection of songs they can carry with them through life.” There is great power in a song: to teach, to shape worldviews, to change lives and to influence generations to come.

Lyrics of In Christ Alone

In Christ alone, my hope is found;
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!
My comforter, my all-in-all
Here in the love of Christ I stand.

In Christ alone, Who took on flesh,
Fullness of God in helpless babe!
This gift of love and righteousness,
Scorned by the ones He came to save.
‘Til on that cross as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied;
For every sin on Him was lain
Here in the death of Christ I live.

There in the ground His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain;
Then bursting forth in glorious day
Up from the grave He rose again!
And as He stands in victory,
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me;
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ

No guilt in life, no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me;
From life’s first cry to final breath,
Jesus commands my destiny.
No power of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand.

In Christ Alone is widely sung in churches around the world.
Words and Music by Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend
Copyright@2001 Kingsway Thankyou Music

Written by Arlene Borg of One Way Ministries

Interview with Dr. Steve Brown of Arrow Leadership Ministries

Interview with Dr. Steve Brown of Arrow Leadership Ministries

Dr. Brown has written a book, entitled Leading Me, that takes a different look at being the leader God intends us to be. Click here to order the book. leading-me-1

Your most important and most challenging leadership assignment looks back at you in the mirror every morning. It’s you. Leading Me will help you get traction on living a Christ-centered, holistic, sustainable and fruitful life of impact. Grounded in biblical truth, utilizing the latest research and drawing on the proven process of the Arrow Leadership Program. Leading Me provides practical next steps for your most important leadership assignment…you.

“Imagine a treasure box for leaders with everything you could possibly need in it and the whole thing beautifully organized! That’s this book.” From the foreword by Mark Buchanan, author of Your Church is Too Safe.

Chapter reflection questions provide great reflection and opportunities for conversation with your spouse, team, small group or mentees. Be encouraged to read with someone!

Here is the entire interview…



OWM Year-End Report September 2015

Friends, would you allow me a few minutes to report on what’s been happening around One Way Ministries over the last year or so?   We have had a very encouraging year and the Lord seems to be opening many doors for ministry.

We’ve been working hard to make it easier to understand what we do. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to see the video we produced to better explain what we do and what we are trying to accomplish.

Briefly, our mission is “Reaching the City by Serving the Leaders.” We invite the leaders we serve on two different journeys with five different brands: Link Ottawa, Yield Ottawa, Lift Ottawa, Love Ottawa and Pray Ottawa.

OWM Red&Charcoal (Big) copy

banner of logos final

Let me share a few of the initiatives happening under each brand.

Link Ottawa – led by Doug Sprunt

Church Planting Cadre – Under Dave Harder’s leadership, a second class was launched last fall and our first group graduated early this summer. It was so encouraging to hear from each church planter how helpful the experience was to them. We are expecting another six church planters to join the Cadre this fall. Please be in prayer for them. We have produced a short video explaining the ministry. Click here to see it.

Pastors’ Appreciation Event – Last April, we hosted about 250 pastors and ministry leaders at the Shaw Centre. Mark Buchanan was our speaker and he did a wonderful job of encouraging our pastoral community. Click here to listen to his talk.

Gift BasketWelcome baskets – One of the fun things we get to do is provide a welcome basket to new pastors and ministry leaders to our city. The baskets help communicate that not only do the folks in our ministry appreciate them arriving, but so do many others from around the city. If you know of a new pastor to the city, please let us know so we can send one along.

worshipWorship Leaders’ Conference – In February, Jody Cross helped us host a worship leaders’ conference. It was well attended and plans are in place to host another in the new year.

Round Tables
– We hosted roundtable discussions around different themes. This year we hosted one focused on men’s ministry. Look for more coming soon.

hockeyHockey and Golf – We continue to use sports to encourage healthy life styles along with great opportunities to      grow friendships. Our Friday lunch pickup hockey continues as does our annual golf day.

– One of the highlights that we have each day as a team is that every morning we gather to pray for our chosen “pastor of the week” as well as any other presenting concerns. We then send the pastor a card with our notes and signatures. As we have often received very specific requests as to their ministry, family and personal needs, we receive some wonderful notes of gratitude in response.

Lift Ottawa – led by Tracy Peterkins

Bible Studies – this has been an ongoing offering to women married to pastors and ministers. The studies are great but the relationship and sharing are what make them so special. This fall, we are offering a study on Titus: A Life that Leaves a Legacy.

Special Evenings – This year we hosted a couple of special evenings and luncheons for the Lift ladies. Our presenting Lift Ottawa Picguests included Hope Versluis from Jericho Road, Terri Mazik and Marlene Caicco from First Place Options and Cheryl Buchanan, wife of Mark. Coming in December, we have a very special Christmas themed café planned.

AboutTogether experience – Over the past 8 years or so we have developed and offered a special experience that we call “together.” It is an opportunity for pastoral couples to meet on a regular basis, develop some very close friendships, stronger marriages and a closer walk with Christ. We have been working hard to recruit a new class that is set to start in October. Please be in prayer for them. Watch a video showing what past alumni have said about the experience.

Quiet Pools – Under Terry Long’s leadership, we have been offering creative, contemplative, day-long experiences as well as quiet reflective evenings for prayer and worship. They have been very well received with plans to take the experience to other cities in the next year. Also, new this fall for women in leadership roles is a Leaders’ Circle evening where once a month a book of choice is presented. So far, each evening planned is full and has a waiting list. Click here to visit the Quiet Pools website.

Coffee Dates – We continue to build relationships and friendships with women by meeting for coffee together.  It may be a time where a woman is looking for counsel, objective perspective or to hear what God has been doing in their life.  It may be to encourage them and let them know that they are not alone in their unique role.   It is a privilege to be a safe place.

Yield Ottawa – led by Gerry Organ

Luncheons – A number of luncheons were arranged that allowed our workplace leaders to experience encouragement in their ministry through their work. In cooperation with Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO) we hosted a luncheon showing a presentation from Mark Burnett (award-winning TV producer). Also, we had Mark Buchanan meet and share with a number of workplace leaders in April.

Yield Entrepreneur wideYield Entrepreneur – Just last week we launched a new initiative called Yield Entrepreneurs. Ten youngish business owners have committed to a two-year experience that will encourage their faith, marriage, families and business. We are very excited about this.

Band of BrothersBand of Brothers – Jim Beaulne has been giving excellent leadership to a team of men who have now hosted an impacting “Wild at Heart” type of weekend retreat. A number of men have come to faith through this and more men have received healing and deep encouragement. The level of sharing and men connecting to each other has been very impressive. The amazing thing is that other Band of Brothers weekends, for which we are providing some oversight and leadership, have been birthed in both the Muskokas and Halifax. I would highly recommend this experience if you have a chance to attend.

Souly Business – Steve Rolston has been building another team of men who are planning to bring a US-based experience to the Ottawa area later this fall. Many of the members of this team have traveled to Atlanta to experience this retreat and are eager to see it launched in the Ottawa area. We are excited to report that the conference is sold out.

Leader to Leader – We continue to offer the Leader to Leader Round Table experience to our community. It is an opportunity for a leader to present a problem or opportunity to a group of folks (10-12) whose strengths are to think strategically and who will probe the issues, ask pointed questions and give specific recommendations. We have been doing this now for a number of years and we continue to see how wonderfully impacting it can be for a presenting leader. If you think this might benefit you, inquire with our team about the possibility of us hosting one for you.

Journey of Generosity – JOG is an overnight experience for business couples to discuss the generous life. This gathering was hosted by Stephen Rolston who  encouraged a conversation about generosity amongst friends.  Together they explored the life-changing message of generosity and the power it has to bring joy, freedom, and purpose. In Yield Ottawa’s inaugural experience, there were 12 couples who joined us up at Montebello for a great time of unpacking what generous giving means.

Love Ottawa – led by Richard Long

We have seen a lot of activity under Love Ottawa in the last year or so. Our strategy is to encourage leaders to join with other leaders in their area of passion and work together for the good of the city and help bring Jesus to the city.

Here is a brief description of some of our teams.

Friends for Dinner:  This team’s focus is to connect international students with a Christian friends_for_dinner_logofamily during a holiday meal. Last year, this team saw more students connected, a number of students come to faith and more local families engaged. This effort has spread to five other cities in the last year. Please consider hosting a student this Thanksgiving. Click here to visit their website.

Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast: This team has been in place for about five years now. They host a quality OCPB MEDIUMevent in the fall that appreciates our civic leaders and first responders. Last year, we saw the largest attendance (500) so far. Lorna Dueck gave an outstanding keynote presentation. Consider attending this year to experience it in person. Click here to visit their website. 

Dig and Delve: This team launched its first event last November. Their purpose is to provide a humble Dig and Delve 2015 logoapologetics conference annually, targeted especially to 18-30 year olds. The event offered some amazingly gifted presenters who were able to talk about the reliability of our Scriptures. This fall their theme is on “Being Human.” Click here to visit their website. To see videos from last year’s conference, click here.

The Big Give: The vision of this team was to have many churches in Ottawa offer a free garage sale on the The Big Give logo pngsame day, meeting some of the needs of folks living in the city and displaying Christ’s love for people. On June 6th, 50 churches participated in a beautiful day of serving in many different ways. CTV did a very positive news piece which you can see here. Plans are falling into place for next year on June 4, 2016. Click here to keep up with the team.

Outreach to Muslims: This team is in its early stages of developing a strategy to reach out in meaningful ways to our Muslim friends here in Ottawa. Among the groups being consulted is the Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims. Stay tuned.

Rock the Capital: RTC’s vision has been to host a high end music evangelistic day for kids and teens. Last year rockthecapital.logo_.208x202was their second year and the event was held in the parking lot of Life Centre in Orleans. The bands were fantastic and the gospel was clearly presented. A number of youth responded in confession of faith or renewing their commitment. Unfortunately, the team this year felt that there was not enough support to continue and so the event that was scheduled for this September was cancelled. Please join us in prayer for a new team to emerge with a vision to serve our youth.

The New Commons: We partnered with several others to host Q Commons in our city. These were bridging events that allowed us to interact with some wonderful other ministries and agencies in Ottawa while accessing a video feed from the U.S. The team working on it has evaluated the relationship and decided to reconfigure the effort as a local initiative for the future under the name of ‘The New Commons’.

Love Ottawa Book Sale: For the second year in a row Love Ottawa ran a Book-Lovers’ Fundraiser which allowed us to have one and a half days of interaction with many leaders. We collected about 3000 used books and sold them back at very cheap prices. Leftovers went to the Christian Salvage Mission who pass them along to pastors in underdeveloped countries. It was a win-win-win situation that allowed us to have many great conversations with some leaders that we don’t see often.

I just wanted to mention that we are open to other teams developing. If you have an idea that needs a team or a group of people beyond you and your church, please reach out by emailing Richard Long at Love Ottawa. Personally, I am praying for a digital strategies team to emerge at some point – a group of folks who would use social media and the internet to engage, mentor and connect people to Christ and a local church. Let me know if you are interested.

Coming soon under Love Ottawa is something we will be calling “Spur Ottawa.” The vision is to provide a digital magazine that will highlight some of the amazing things churches and Christians are doing to love the city in Jesus name. The name comes from Hebrews 10:24 which says “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds”. If you have a story that you think would do that, please reach out to us.

Also, even before all the recent focus on the Syrian crisis, we have had a team working to try and encourage local churches and groups to find ways to sponsor refugees. Be watching for some opportunities on this front soon.

Pray Ottawa – led by Sarah Jackson

The vision of Pray Ottawa is simply to do everything we can to raise the level of prayer for our city. Sarah has been doing a tremendous job as she has settled into the life of our team.

Here are some of the initiatives going on.

Weekly Prayer Point: Weekly we send a short prayer focus that somehow relates to our city. If you don’t receive this, let me encourage you to sign up and join with other churches and believers in strategically praying together each week.

Prayer Walking: We have helped organize a number of prayer walks that have focused on specific neighbourhoods and issues. The feedback on these has been so positive. Look for opportunities to join these in the future.

Gathering of Prayer Leaders: We continue to gather prayer leaders to encourage them and listen to what the Lord has been revealing to them to catalyze prayer in our city.

Pastors’ Prayer Retreat: We annually host a pastors’ prayer retreat in the winter months. Last year was no exception with our retreat held at Providence Point. Please be looking to attend this year’s retreat on Feb 28-29 2016 (date to be confirmed)

For more details on these initiatives, or to participate, please email Sarah.

What some are saying about One Way Ministries and our teams.

“Thank you SO MUCH for coordinating, running, leading and organizing our study group. I cannot say enough how great the experience was, and I so appreciate ALL the effort, time, resources, thought and care that you put into each week, and into each of us. So uplifting! Thank you for the meals, the snacks, the spoiling! We are so tired coming in each week and you make it like an oasis. Thank you.” – ministry wife

“I want to thank each of you for the support you showed my wife and I. You chose to love and encourage. You called out my sin, but did it in a way that was edifying and always with the goal of restoration and growth. You came alongside my wife and supported her with heartfelt friendship.” – workplace leader

“Would you please express our gratitude to the entire team of One Way Ministries. Last night was so appreciated. The presence of the Lord was obviously with us as we shared together in such a generous and caring event. We are truly humbled to think that there is a wonderful ministry in our city that genuinely is concerned for the health and well being of us and our work for the Good News of Jesus’ Gospel. These words are not enough to say how deeply grateful we are.”

A family came to The Big Give having just moved from the Maritimes.  They had to sell most of their belongings before coming because they couldn’t afford to have them moved here.  Since arriving they have had a tight budget, and no funds to even purchase a table and chairs for their kitchen. Through an invitation of a workmate who attends a local church, they came to The Big Give and not only did they find a table and chairs set, but a bike for their son and several other household items they were in need of.  When they discovered that it items could be delivered, the overwhelmed father, with tears in his eyes, came to the Pastor and said “you’ll never know how much this means to us.  Thank you!”


Last of all, I would like to give just a little update on our finances. One of the most common questions I receive is, “Where does the funding come from?” The answer is…mostly our business friends from the community of Ottawa.

Our budget this year will be over $800K. We praise the Lord for His provision and we deeply appreciate our many partners and investors. We continue to invite churches and individuals to support the work of Love Ottawa.

  • We raise funds for the following:

  • One Way Ministries General Operations

  • Love Ottawa General Operations

  • Richard Long Personal Support

  • Sarah Jackson Personal Support

We require each of our Love Ottawa teams to pray in their own budgets and they are responsible for meeting them.

Audited statements are available if you would like. Our financials are online at the CRA website along with all other charities.

If you feel led to give somehow, you can click here to do that or reach out to me and we can grab a coffee to talk about it.

Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of your time to share what we have been up to recently. We count it a deep privilege to walk with the leaders of this city and serve the living Christ.

Blessings friends,

Mark Peterkins, Executive Director

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