Q: What exactly does One Way Ministries do?


A: Our ministry invests in the lives of Kingdom leaders in a variety of ways. We gather the pastoral community in the Ottawa area for celebration events, as a way of thanking them for all they give to our churches and ministries. We draw together teams of experienced business and pastoral leaders who can advise, mentor and minister deeply into the lives and organizations of Kingdom leaders, whether in full or part-time ministry, and marketplace. We offer a variety of opportunities where leaders can find intimate community together, through seminars, workshops and programs.

Q: How do you help families and spouses?

A: We regularly offer opportunities that encourage healthy marriages, which is essential for leaders who are married. We also reach out in a special way to women married to pastors, because we know they often face unique and unusual circumstances that can be a burden. And we encourage leaders to develop the balanced, well-rounded lifestyle that leads to both leadership effectiveness and healthy families.

Q: How is One Way Ministries funded?

A: It is funded by Christian business people, who have a heart to serve leaders in the Christian community.

Q: Can I donate to your ministry?

A: We would welcome your donations to assist us in our ministry. One Way Ministries is a registered charity, and all donors receive a tax receipt for their donations. Please contact our office to discuss the variety of ways you can become involved as a donor with our ministry.

Q: I see a program targeted to Pastors’ Wives. Is there a similar program for the husbands of female leaders?

A: We know that many Christian woman married to the Christian man in ministry struggle with very specific issues, related to their role as a pastor’s wife. These struggles, and sense of identity, can be quite different from the experience of a male spouse in a similar role. We wanted to provide pastors’ wives with a network and to connect them with one another. If there is someone who has a similar heart, or sees a similar need for men married to women in leadership, we would be interested in encouraging those efforts. Please contact our office to discuss your ideas.

Q: Can I apply for funding of my ministry to OWM?

A: No, One Way Ministries does not fund individual ministry programs and initiatives.

Q. How can I receive more information about One Way Ministries?


A. We do a regular email for pastors and ministry leaders which highlights activities, events and resources. Subscribe here.


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